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Amelie Nothombe

Director – Peter Denchev
Stage Designer and Costume Designer – Petar Mitev
Music Selection – Peter Denchev

TEKSTOR TEKSEL – Ivajlo Gandev
GEROME ANGUSTE – Dimitar Markov
ISABELLE – Samuela – Ivana Cerovska

Can we be sure that what we want to conceal from the face of the world will remain true?
A man is blocked at the airport due to a technical problem with the plane.

What to expect from now on? His attempts to kill time have failed. Random encounter with a stranger who seems to know the depth of conscience so well that he can dig out the crimes from a painful past. Is this the enemy who confronts him as a stranger? To whom does he belong? Is this encounter random or is it the result of devilish intent that aims to destroy a man? These are a small part of the questions that “Enemy’s Cosmetique” poses. A story about the hidden ways in our  consciousness, provoking us to open up to those secrets of the subconscious that we would otherwise gladly conceal from the face of the world. “


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